In order to satisfy as many customers as possible, Rapidgator Premium Accounts are offered with nine different terms. From just $14.99, customers can use the service for 30 days, with a bandwidth of one terabyte. But if you really want to share large amounts of files cost-effectively, you should use the annual option for $99.99, with which ten terabytes of data can be stored and a bandwidth of twelve terabytes is made available.

As already mentioned before, Rapidgator (Premium) relies on flexibility in its service offering. The customer can also use the service for 60, 90 and 180 days with different storage volumes and bandwidths. The data volume of one terabyte, equivalent to 1000 GB, should be sufficient for even the most demanding users under normal conditions. However, if this is not enough, unlimited storage volumes can be used with Rapidgator accounts for the entire contract period of 365 days.

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  • Very high download and upload speed
  • Data will only be deleted after 60 days
  • No advertisements
  • You can upload 5 GB per download
  • No waiting times
  • No captchas for downloads
  • No limitation for simultaneous downloads


RuntimeBandwidthStorage spaceCosts
301 TBunlimited14,99 USD
301 TB3 TB14,99 USD
602 TB3 TB29,99 USD
904 TBunlimited39,99 USD
904 TB3 TB39,99 USD
1806 TBunlimited49,99 USD
1806 TB3 TB69,99 USD
36512 TBunlimited99,99 USD
36512 TB10 TB99,99 USD
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User interface

Rapidgator provides its own file manager so that users can efficiently manage their files. It is in German language and facilitates the administration of the uploaded files enormously. The user can create his own folders to keep track of large amounts of data. Each file is displayed with the name, date of upload and actual file size. Rapidgator also provides a search function if a file cannot be found directly.

Every new user will quickly get used to the surface in which the orange brand dominates. The interface also supports the drag and drop function, which makes operation child’s play.


With a Rapidgator account the user has two options to share files. The best option for small files is to use the file manager in the web browser, which displays the estimated remaining time and the amount of data already uploaded in percent. If several files and larger amounts of data are to be uploaded, the upload via the FTP server should be used, which allows higher upload speeds.

As soon as the files are uploaded to Rapidgator, the user will receive a link to share them with any number of others.


The provider is known for its discretion, all user data is treated strictly confidential. Rapidgator undertakes not to pass on any information to third parties.

Each upload receives an individual link, which is in no logical connection to the files and therefore difficult to crack. There is no password protection for downloading files, so anyone who has the link can download the file as often as they like.

As with other file hosters, copyright infringement and other illegal files are also a problem with Rapidgator. While with other providers the accounts can be locked due to illegal files, Rapidgator prefers to delete only the affected files.

Payment options

Rapidgator also makes every effort to cover all payment options.

To be accepted:

  • Webmoney
  • Mastercard
  • Visa
  • Paysafecard
  • Instant bank transfers
  • Direct debiting system

Customer support

Even if all functions of the free Rapidgator account and the Rapidgator Premium Accounts explain themselves because the function menus are offered in English and are clearly structured, an English FAQ area is offered on the site.

If you still have any questions, the English site will only provide a contact form where the questions are answered by e-mail. Telephone support is available as well.

As a rule, all enquiries are answered immediately and are characterised by a pleasant willingness to help. In order to avoid a longer e-mail exchange, the inquiries should be made as detailed as possible in order to also receive specific and concrete solution proposals.

About the company

Rapidgator was founded in 2010 in Cyprus, where the company is still headquartered today. According to the company, around 1 million users use the service every day to securely store and share files of any size with friends.

The company is committed to providing unlimited download speeds and 99.99% availability to its customers. Rapidgator Premium Accounts offer unlimited file storage, a user-friendly file manager and a secure download manager.

Rapidgator is committed to

Service – to constantly improve the service and to establish customer satisfaction as one of the most important company goals.

Information security – to protect the personal data of all customers and to safeguard all legal aspects so that no laws are violated.

Security – to protect all data and to guarantee security at all times to the extreme.

Technology – the company continuously invests in the latest technologies in order to offer the best possible service to its customers.


Rapidgator is the largest provider with an English user interface and enjoys a large user community in England & America. The speed and user-friendliness set the standard for other providers. The Rapidgator Premium Accounts are offered with different terms, so that they adapt to every user need.

Although the services on rapidgator.net can also be used free of charge, they are in no comparison to the speed of the premium offers. Due to the favourable conditions to use customer service for 30 days, it is advisable to check the service in detail before longer running times are possible.

Even after a thorough check, we couldn’t find a point in the user-friendly interface or the Download Manager that doesn’t explain itself.


Support-Hotline: +35722030607
Mo-So 9:00-18:00 Uhr

(Support in English)

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